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It is all too mentally-consuming to have to worry about your meals as you go through your two-week low-iodine diet preparing for your radioactive iodine treatment.

I believe you will find it easier to have someone to prepare your low-iodine meals for you, as it could make your life less-stressful having fewer things to be concerned about throughout this 2-week process. I understand you also have to be concerned with everything else that you consume and/or everything else you put on your body that could contain iodine or high levels of it.

Low Iodine meal plans are prepared according to Thyca’s low-iodine guidelines, using their recipes as a guideline, while incorporating your favorite recipes. All client preferences are considered, as well as, any other dietary restrictions one may have.

Low-iodine meal plans start at $400, which is five entrees yielding 4 servings of each. Entrees are usually eaten for lunch and dinner.

Sample Low-Iodine Menu

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